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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Track Conversion No 2 and Other Stuff

I've made another tracked vehicle using the remaining spare track units from the Khurasan Siler Heavy Tank that had the grav vehicle mod. Here's a bunch of photos of the construction process...

The main bits cut out of 1mm thick plasticard.
Track sections attached to the base (base is 40mm x 36mm with 11mm x 3mm slots each side)
Top bit and Edge bits added to make a tracked tea tray (top bit 40mm x 40mm, edges 42mm x 6mm with chamfered ends)
Milliput on the base - somewhere for the machinery to go.
More milliput build up on the top over the tracks and front section.
Then a bit more milliput to build up the cab unit which has had a 7mm hole drilled in it when its dry.
The gun and crewmen added, along with a plasticard shield. This is a more heavy gun than was on the last one, either an artillery piece or an anti-tank cannon.
More plasticard panels and side skirts added, Half BB's and plastic airplane bits stuck on for detail
Finished and painted.

 The donor vehicle for the tracks, this is the Silar Heavy Tank from Khurasan with the grav modification.

This has had an additional gun mounted on the turret for the commander. The gun is another spare autocannon from a Khurasan's DIMOG walker.

On the previous tracked conversion this was the main gun, on the battle tank it's just a minor secondary weapon! Shows how big the tank is.
 Speaking of Khurasan stuff, here's some Nova Respublic figures (the next lot of infantry I'm painting up).
And here's some camo scrim nets made from plastic netting (contained garlic originally so proof against visibility and vampires) with flocking material stuck on and then painted.

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