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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Desert Polecat

Khurasan's Polecat Light Armoured Vehicle painted in desert digital camouflage. Here used to support a team of Khurasan's DEVGRU SEAL's at their camp in the burning sands of Erytipium III.

Right hand side
Front view
Left Hand Side
Another Front View
 This time I painted them all by hand without using masking tape. With the high level of detail on the Polecat, masking tape becomes more of a hindrance.

Lettering from my 1:48 Chinook spare transfers and an upside down Letraset V. Background image from Arizona I believe. Close up ground from a brown T-shirt. Lighting courtesy of the big yellowy object in the sky shining through my kitchen window, diffused somewhat by an overcast sky - probably the best ambient light source you can make use of, so long as you use a tripod.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Urban Polecat

Khurasan's Polecat Light Armoured Vehicle painted in urban digital camouflage. Accompanied by a section of Khurasan's DEVGRU SEAL's as they patrol a ruined section of the city on the hunt for a suspected alien creature.
Front View : "Maybe it doesn't show up in infrared at all."
Left Side : "You're reading it wrong, that's in the polecat"
Right Side : "We should take off and nuke the site from orbit"
Rear View : "This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions."
Painting technique was this:

Spray gray with Army Painter base coat, then apply small rectangles of masking tape, stipple paint with darker gray (following Mr Harolds guide on his blog).

Thought about putting on a more rectangles to do a darker coat, but on realising it'll end up jet black, went for a 2 tone pattern instead.

Peeled of most of the rectangles and then realised as the Polecat was highly detailed the edges of the squares were not very distinct as the paint got under the masking tape due to the raised detail.

Ended up tidying the squares up by hand and then  painted in a lighter set of squares by hand anyway.

Symbols and text from some letraset and some spare water slide transfers from a helicopter model.

Background image from scenicreflections, foreground ruins from me, asphalt road surface by Metcalfe Models. Giant alien bug hiding in the ruins from Khurasan.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Little Green Men

Taking advantage of 15mm.co.uk's recent 10% off deal on Dropship Horizon, I bought a pack of aliens for something to do while waiting for my Khurasan order.which has been delayed a bit.

Not entirely sure of the paint job as it stands, but here's some photos anyway...

A patrol on the way to the local farm for a bit of probing
Meanwhile the rest of the landing party scare some humans they stopped on the road
Looking for some cows to mutilate
The aliens keep a lookout from the bridge

A one man (alien) saucer with PPPS type engine and an attempt at a SENMM paint job
The saucer hovers in front of the bridge
The saucer with the top off. I'll be looking for a small transparent dome to replace the painted metal one
The lead alien cackles evilly while his technicians prepare their probes