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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Grav Tank #2

Work in Progress photos for the next grav tank conversion. This time I'll try 4 wire supports with so called "invisible" No More Nails smoke sculpting.

Cleverly I've superglued the tank to the smoke supports before undercoating, so I'm going to have to wrap the supports and base in clingfilm before spraying.

The plan is for this to form the core of the smoke plume, painted a light purple colour similar to grav tank #1, and then after sealing it with matt varnish put a layer of clear Gel Denso acrylic transparant gel on to give some smoke like depth to it.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Grav Tank on Patrol

A grav tank providing armoured support to a Harook infantry patrol as they cross open ground.

 The grav tank vents steam from its fusion drive as it hovers over the ground.

This is where the idea for the flying base came from and this is where the modelling technique came from. Might try out some different painting techniques for the smoke, trying to light from the top with a bit of the purple coming through from inside, any advice on painting smoke is welcome.

Harook, as always, from Mad Robot Miniatures (can't reference them enough!).

Grav tank courtesy of the overly optimistic sales forecast for Tron diecast toys.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Grav Tanks

Looks like the Harook have been mortgaging their future to buy the very latest in grav technology.

The grav tank, an unnamed class at the current time, mounts a heavy fusion gun in a remote turret, as well as two ball turret mounted auto cannons for anti-personnel use.

The grav tank is powered by a fusion reactor. The reactor is normally enclosed by armoured panels but the Harook like the pretty purple light it gives off and so frequently leave them off.

Here's the original version, a Tron diecast flying thingamajob.

The turret is slightly truncated steel warrior (plastic mecha/power armour job) gun, chosen mainly because I have more of them than any other bit and I've got 4 more of these Tron vehicles to convert. One of them may have to have a different gun unless I can find another one.

The ball turret mounted cannon are 6mm BB's cut in half with a short section of a toothpick glued to it.

The proud Harook squad accompanying the vehicle are from Mad Robot Miniatures.