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Saturday, 28 April 2012

DEVGRU, DIMOG and the Darling Little

Some photos of Khurasan's DEVGRU SEALS, DIMOG Armoursuit and the "Darling Little" Direct Fire Support Infantry Robots (DFSIR for acronyms sake) showing the various turret options.

I purchased a couple of spare turrets with the DFSIR to allow the use of all the weapon options the kit comes with. The turrets sit in a circular recess on top of the walking bit so they can be easily swapped over. This is the missile set, 4 missiles each side. They could be either AA or AT missiles.
This is the twin autocannon turret option.
This is the MLRS turret for mobile artillery support.
Here is the DIMOG Armoursuit with autocannon and recoilless rifle.

Other figures in the photos are Desiree Kim, one of Khurasan's Heroes of the Resistance, and the reporters from Oddzial Osmy's New Vistula Legion range.

And here are some photos of my most recently painted figures, Khurasan's DEVGRU SEAL's disembarking from a pair of Old Crow Goanna Scouts...


  1. Nice looking stuff. The DEVGRU especially. You just need to build them a big transport chopper.