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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Stuff

I got some good stuff from Khurasan in the post recently, somewhat delayed in transit, and unfortunately short of Ursids (who must still be in hibernation for the winter). Here's some of the painted stuff, along with some of the Critical Mass stuff I got at WMMS.

War goes bang (and whoosh, and occasionally zap)

Critical Mass grav bikes pass in front of some prepainted ruins acquired at WMMS. Ruins occupied by Oddzial Osmy's New Vistula Legion.
...reverse angle showing the un-prepainted ruins got a WMMS.

And here's another one of the ruins, more Vistula Legion troops on the roof. Khurasan's "Darling Little" Infantry Support Robot with what I think are AA missile racks turret option.
Another shot of the "Darling Little", along with Khurasan's DIMOG Armour Suit.


  1. The board.... the minis.... SO INPIRING!

  2. "A notch cut in the tip to maximize the ballistic effect..."

    Nice work on your stuff as per usual. I particularly like the missile racked leggy-bot.

    Try disassembling the cars and then spraying the bodywork with matt vernish to get rid of the toy car shininess.