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Monday, 19 March 2012

Blast from the Past...

...of the Far Future

During a recent sorting out of my lead piles, I found some old GW Traveller figures.

They are about 30 years old, and show a lot of wear. They were painting in a mixture of artists acrylic and enamel as far as I can remember, but I've quickly redone the Vargr (in their originally painted colours) with a quick once over.

Anyway, here they are in all there ancient glory (speaking of ancients, spoiler alert - there's some Droyne about somewhere that I'll take some photos of when I re-find them), warts, flaking paint job and all.

Three spacesuited chaps, not too much wear and tear.
A bunch of Imperial types with Power Armour in the old clunky style wielding scary looking PGMP's and FGMP's. Looks like the enamel paints have protected them a bit.
 Woof, Woof, Grrrrrr. Vargr going about their business. These have had a quick brush up, replicating my weird idea of trouser colour back when I first painted them
 Some more space suited types showing their age.
These bikes have seen better days also.

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