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Monday, 23 January 2012

Flightless no more!

When Eric Strobe had his one man aerojet refused a licence on safety grounds, he was broken hearted. When he heard of the Harook recently encountered on a newly discovered planet he perked up and packed up his prototypes.

Unfortunately for Eric, the Harook took offence in their usual way, their flightlessness being somewhat of a sore point with them. Luckily for Eric's heirs and benefactors, after the fuss had died away, a few Harook actually took a look at the jet powered death trap and all the points the licensing body had judged dangerous counted as positive features to the Harook.

The Falcon class one man attack plane is unique in that the pilot rides the craft externally rather than in a cockpit much like a motorcycle. The relatively high stall speed and lack of advanced avionics means that the Harook pilot must fly fast and low in order to acquire targets. The lack of suitable hardpoints for dropped weapons means the Harook are limited to strafing runs firing the dual mounted cannon. All these negative features are considered by the Harook to make a superb aircraft.

The plane is a slightly converted die-cast Tron one man light jet. The plane comes with a plastic figure, probably about 1:72 scale or so, but not too different is size to the Harook. I've green stuffed a quite crude chicken like head on it as I didn't feel like sacrificing one of my Harook for its head, as well as being uncertain as to how to attach it to the soft plastic figure.

I've also extended the fuselage with some more green stuff, mainly as the balance point is between the wings and therefore there was no convenient point to put a flying stand

You can get all your real Harook from Mad Robot Miniatures. The diecast jet I got from the Works (a discount bookstore in the UK) for £1.99, along with a bunch of other Tron models which may end up being grav vehicles.

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  1. Cool found object - Marcel Duchamp would be proud of you - and an effective bit of green stuffing.Now you just need to make up the rest of the Harook Squawkdron :)