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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Battle for Biffo's Crossing

A UNSC Fireteam advances towards the culvert covered by an Anti-Material Rifle Team as a AV-12 "Mantis" VTOL Gunship makes a low level gun run.

Three enemy walkers advance from the cover of the forest as the UNSC forces rush to control the river crossing.

"Sarge, those walkers are huge. How are we supposed to stop them?"
"Walkers are easy son, just aim for the knees!"
"OK, so what are the other two going to be doing while I kneecap their mate?"

Figures - UNSC Infantry and Mantis gunship from Ground Zero Games
Vehicles - Assorted 1/87 die casts and  Old Crow Goanna Scout and Trojan APC
Walkers - Some old Steel Warrior figures, these were originally made for 25mm power armour but they make much better 15mm walkers - they are approx 40mm tall.


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