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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas One and All

Back at the beginning of December, my Traveller sub-blog FelonTrav got nominated for a  Liebster Blog Award by Mr Kobold over at Waystar High Port. As the Traveller blog is on hold at the moment until I can resolve the problem of all the player's characters being banged up in pokey for piracy and other nefarious dealings, I'm responding in this blog instead (which is marginally more updated - must do better in the new year!)

The blog award is a self propelled chain letter kind of deal, focussing on blogs with less than 200 followers, which unfortunately excludes a bunch of blogs that I regularly frequent.

The Rules

  • Copy and paste the award to your blog, linking it to the blog who nominated you.
  • Pass the award to your top five blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their blog posts to notify them that they have won the award and list them on your own blog.
  • Sit back and bask in that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you have made someone's day
There is no obligation to pass this onto anyone but it is nice if you do.

Now a bit of internet searching on the origin of this award gives me the following..."The Liebster Blog Award is indeed what I've originally thought except for some one minor difference. Once you accept your award you have to nominate 3-5 favorite bloggers who have less than 3,000 readers."

So, while this may break the latest version of the rules, it may be fine for the original rules, but what the heck, here we go...

Waystar High Port

 In a spectacular bit of feedback loopage, my first nomination goes right back to the chap who nominated me. Kobold's Waystar High Port is a Traveller blog, the SciFi roleplaying game with its origins back in the 1970's. Notable highlights include the Traveller A to Z series and the current ongoing Aloin's Saga, a series following the career of an apprentice merchant spaceman.


This nomination for Mr Harold's 15mm SF blog is also a little bit of feedback loopage, being one of Kobolds other nominations (who would have thought, people who liked my blog also like blogs I like, wierd huh?). Particular favourite posts include the Shadowrun terrain and vehicles which are very nice pieces of painting and construction, as well as excellently photographed.

Wargaming Girl

This one breaks the rules, as Tamsin has close to 300 followers at last count (but this would have been OK under the original rules so consider the rules broken). I started my blog at the same time as Tamsin's and she was one of the first followers of my blog (and sub-blogs) and vice versa. Reading her accounts of the Dark Ages Saga games inspired me to dig out my old Gripping Beast miniatures and get them painted (well assembled and primered for most off them so far). Of all the blog writers I read, she is one of the most prolific both in posting and painting.

Dux Homunculorum

Also breaking the rules slightly, I found Dux's blog by searching for Saga Roman rules. He has produced a variant for the late Roman period for the 4th and 5th centuries. Lots of good posts and photos.

Painting Agency

Allison M's blog gets us back on track for the less than 200 followers rule. Some very nice painting, particularly the nazi zombies from the Norwegian zombie movie Dead Snow (easily my favourite Norwegian nazi zombie movie of all time).
I See Lead People

Has to be the best named blog ever for miniatures. Breaks the rules at 316 followers, but so full of excellent painting and sculpting that it has to be included also.

Ah that's 6 nominations also, of which 3 break the rules on number of followers. So 3 of them are official nominations and 3 of them are for the newly devised Felonmarmer's Awards for blogs I like (the other 3 also) which has no rules whatsoever.


  1. Felonmarmer, breakin' all tha rulez!

    LOL. Merry Christmas and a productive New Year!

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