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Friday, 7 December 2012

Bugs and Flyers (and Flying Bugs)

Been a bit quiet in here lately (blame Minecraft), but I do hear a faint buzzing in the air. Oh no, it's an attack from those pesky Parasachnids from Khurasan! Quick wind up the wndows and dig out the bug spray!

A military transport gets trapped on the bridge, while a grav car makes use of his technology to get past

The police grav skimmer sent to investigate gets harassed by flying bugs

Only four bugs cause this much fuss, imagine how bad it will be when the rest get painted!

In the van, the troopers try to remember their Alien quotes.
Parasachnids Bugs and Grav Cars from Khurasan, Police van is a 1:85 model from a German online model shop (which one,  I forget). Clear resin flying bases from Ainsty.

Also I've been nominated for a blog award, with some conditions to pass on the happiness, for my Traveller Blog by Mr Kobold over at Waystar High Port, The Traveller Blog is in hiatus at the moment as all the players where locked up in prison for piracy and the campaign has been stalled for a while, so I may post my recomendations on here instead, if that's OK with Mr Kobold. I'll need to consider 5 nominations myself before I can post it. One might be going straight back to Waystar High Port for a very tight feedback loop! This may break the internet so be warned!


  1. Good to see you posting again. I think I sneakily snuck a reference to this blog into my nomination for your Traveller blog so consider the award for the blogger, as well as the blog.

    If that makes sense?

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