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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Little Green Men

Taking advantage of 15mm.co.uk's recent 10% off deal on Dropship Horizon, I bought a pack of aliens for something to do while waiting for my Khurasan order.which has been delayed a bit.

Not entirely sure of the paint job as it stands, but here's some photos anyway...

A patrol on the way to the local farm for a bit of probing
Meanwhile the rest of the landing party scare some humans they stopped on the road
Looking for some cows to mutilate
The aliens keep a lookout from the bridge

A one man (alien) saucer with PPPS type engine and an attempt at a SENMM paint job
The saucer hovers in front of the bridge
The saucer with the top off. I'll be looking for a small transparent dome to replace the painted metal one
The lead alien cackles evilly while his technicians prepare their probes

1 comment:

  1. The sculpts are a bit plain but it seems to suit the subjects in this case. I've always been wary of ordering from 15mm.co.uk because, frankly so many of the sculpts look like they might be blobby rubbish. These are actually okay. And given the size of these "little" green men compared to 15mm humans, they might be useful for 25/28mm as well.

    It took me a second to recognize the chrome NMM on the saucer dome for what it was. Nice...