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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Desert Polecat

Khurasan's Polecat Light Armoured Vehicle painted in desert digital camouflage. Here used to support a team of Khurasan's DEVGRU SEAL's at their camp in the burning sands of Erytipium III.

Right hand side
Front view
Left Hand Side
Another Front View
 This time I painted them all by hand without using masking tape. With the high level of detail on the Polecat, masking tape becomes more of a hindrance.

Lettering from my 1:48 Chinook spare transfers and an upside down Letraset V. Background image from Arizona I believe. Close up ground from a brown T-shirt. Lighting courtesy of the big yellowy object in the sky shining through my kitchen window, diffused somewhat by an overcast sky - probably the best ambient light source you can make use of, so long as you use a tripod.


  1. Cool paint job, again; and another cool set of photographs. Although, on the first picture, I thought that the shadow on the mesa in the background was the silhouette of a dropship coming in to land.

  2. Very nice! I found the details to make it difficult to use masking tape too. You did a great job!

  3. Outstanding paint jobs, scenery and photography. Once again you have managed to inject a 'moody' feel to these- great post!

  4. All else aside, great photos! I assume the backdrop is the view out your kitchen window, right? ;)