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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Harook Treehouse

A couple of new photos of the Harook Treehouse. Additions from the previous photos include some piled logs for protection at the base as well as sitting on and a camo net hung over the platform for protection from both the sun and unfriendly eyes.

The tree started its life as a medium sized Woodland Scenics deciduous tree, the branches bent quite severely to provide supports for the platforms. The platforms are textured plasticard, I think asbestos roofing (not real asbestos!), and they stick on quite easily with airplane glue. The base is an old DVD.

The logs I picked up from a hedge that had been recently trimmed while waiting for a bus to go to work. The netting for the camo net comes from garlic container, painted and flocked. So proof against vampires too.


  1. Excellent stuff - looks fantastic. Thanks for posting it!

    Time for me to get my treehouse built I think!

  2. Makes me want to sing "yub nub!"