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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Grav Tank #2

Work in Progress photos for the next grav tank conversion. This time I'll try 4 wire supports with so called "invisible" No More Nails smoke sculpting.

Cleverly I've superglued the tank to the smoke supports before undercoating, so I'm going to have to wrap the supports and base in clingfilm before spraying.

The plan is for this to form the core of the smoke plume, painted a light purple colour similar to grav tank #1, and then after sealing it with matt varnish put a layer of clear Gel Denso acrylic transparant gel on to give some smoke like depth to it.


  1. I must say that the PPPS on this one looks better than on the first one. Looking forward to seeing it painted up.

  2. If you go over your ejecta again, adding a bit to the front in the middle and the rear at the bottom, you can create a more dynamic swirl.

    I think that your Harook are getting a bit too well equipped.