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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Sunday Afternoon's alright for Fighting

Battle Lines

Alpha testing of my card based pub carpark skirmish game with new improved GIF action!

Hooligans from Ainsty, scratch built carpark. Each player has 4 figures and a pack of 64 cards of appalling actions.

Offensive actions include Taunting (swearing) and Argey-Bargey (pushing and shoving) with the nuclear option of Tooling Up.

Fight 1 - Football Hooligans win

You lose cards to damage (and insults) and the player who loses all cards first loses the battle and is routed from the carpark. Drunkenness is a factor as is expert coordination of your team as your the number of cards you draw each turn is based on proximity of the supporting figures to the main protagonist.

Fight 2 - Skinheads win

Certain actions cause the police to appear who will act on aggressive acts, moved by the other player, until the police officer comes into contact with a troublemaker who then gets whisked off down to the station for an appointment with a set of stairs.

Skinheads rout the Football Hooligans

More mindless violence to come, probably.


  1. I can attest to this being a great game. Ooh, arr, 'ere we go!

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