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Monday, 16 July 2012

Up, Up and Away!

I've painted up two TMP rocket troopers from Mad Robot so far from my recent purchase, the Harook are on their way too but not complete yet. So here's some photos of the two troopers rocketing about.

The flying bases are thin wire, superglued into the rockets jets and the base, then covered with a layer of 10 Second No More Nails, sculpted into rocket jet shapes as it dries.

Size comparison photo

From left to right : Harook, TMP Trooper, TMP Trooper, Harook (slightly crouched), GZG UNSC, GZG UNSC, Oddzial Osmy New Vistula Legion. The background is a 5mm grid paper sheet just behind the miniatures, folded to make an allowance for base depth.


  1. That is so cool! I originally wanted to sculpt something into the figures just like that but decided I would leave it to each person to do what they wanted. Awesome!

  2. It is, indeed, very cool. How tall are these guys next to the harook?

    1. I've added a size comparison photo. The figs are tall compared to my GZG and NVL figs, slightly smaller than the Harook.

  3. Nice work. I like how the jets look.

  4. Hi Fm - these look great, the jet blasts are a brilliant idea, they are pretty good mini's but you are right, they are very big compared to most 15mm, and the faces lack a little something, but as you have shown they look great painted up, I'm converting mine to Space Marine scouts.

  5. very nice job, love the jet smoke!

  6. I plan to buy some of Mad Robot's jetpack troops as well.
    It's true that they're big (at least the website doesn't hide it), but it would be ok for me since they would have to depict augmented gen-engineered shocktroopers.

    Their vehicles and support weapons I have carefully picked from 1/76 models to keep their whole army look more imposing than 'regular' 1/87-1/100 15mm forces.